A Fantasy Setting in Mythical Ancient Greece.

A world of Heroes, right after the end of

the Trojan War, steeped in myth and conflict.

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The World

In the Land of Myth, the world was not created for men, but men were thrust into it much later. According to Greek creation myths, humans were not included in the original creation, which had been designed for the entertainment of the Gods. This was the Wilderness, an enchanted land of the Golden Age, filled with all kinds of benevolent and malevolent beings and peoples, for whom earth provided without the necessity of labour. All coexisted harmoniously, although not necessarily peacefully, until war broke out between the Titans and the Olympians, wrecking havoc in the world.

When eventually Zeus created men in the Age of Heroes, the balance had been broken, men were forced to make their own way in a hostile world in order to survive. The earth no longer provided for them so, they had to fight back the Wilderness in order to created land for their cities, their villages and their fields. This became the land of men, distinct and separate from the enchanted Wilderness. None of the mythological races roam the land of men openly, the Gods will not dine with men, and safety can be found only among other men and women, behind high walls and towers.


Following the defeat of the Titans, Zeus divided the world of mortals. During the drawing of lots, Hades, the eldest brother of Zeus and Poseidon, was allotted rulership over the Underworld, the kingdom of the dead. Dissatisfied with his exclusion from the pleasures of roaming the Wilderness and the land of men, Hades first claimed beautiful Persephone as his wife and with her help, opened gateways to the mortal lands, hoping to lure men and beasts in his land of perpetual darkness. These gates became known as Shadow Meadows, named after the Asphodel Meadows at the entrance of the Underworld.

The Game

Designed to be

5e compatible

While maintaining a lot of the 5e flavour, we are also changing and expanding the rules, offering a game play that is both familiar and refreshingly challenging.

New Character


Faithful to the sources, the mythology and the historical period, we have created unique and original character classes that sometimes blur the lines of what is typically found in most swords & sorcery role-playing games. The characters are rich in flavour and role-playing hooks, but also armed with original abilities and powers.

New Game


& Spells

Aiming to reflect the intense relationship between mortals and Gods and the unique flavour of magic in the Greek cosmos, spells have been re-worked, magic has been tweaked and new rules have been introduced, which bring to life the realities of Greek, Egyptian and Chaldean sorcery and worship.

Human Player


True to Ancient Greek mythology and cosmos, our world is a world of men and women, heroes defending civilization and fighting for glory, setting themselves against men, beasts and Gods. The Greek cosmos does not have elves, dwarves, halflings and other such races, typical in fantasy swords & sorcery games. There is a multitude of mythological beings, peoples and monsters across the Land of Myth, but they are not the heroes of our story.

The Heroic Age of

the Trojan War

The storyline of the game combines the timeless aspects of the Greek mythological heritage with the heroic legacy of the Trojan War. This is an epic world of magic, journeys to the Underworld, conflicts, and challenges by the Gods and Fate, where every adventurer aspires to attain Heroic status and reach Apotheosis.


Who We Are

Seven Thebes is a London based start-up company with a strong Greek background, dedicated to creating tabletop games and especially pen-and-paper role-playing games. Our focus is on developing anthropocentric games, based on actual mythological and historical traditions - although we are constantly exploring new horizons. Our first game, 'Land of Myth: The Age of Palaces', has been developed with strong foundations on actual Ancient Greek primary sources on mythology and history, while at the same time, creating a fun and epic environment based on the 5th edition .


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